Sunday Moment of Zen: The Lazy Song

Leonard Nimoy was a quiet titan. An actor, director, photographer and writer whose career spanned decades and epochal changes in Western society. He was a defining part of the industry I’ve loved, or worked in in some capacity, my entire life. On The Search for Spock he directed one of the most thrilling pieces of cinema I’ve ever seen, the theft of the Enterprise. In Star Trek IV, he gave every one of his colleagues a moment to shine and showed me the offhand, relaxed beauty of the Bay Area. I fell in love with San Francisco in that movie. Decades later, I’d find out he was telling the truth about the city and I loved it even more. Nimoy’s acting, and direction, on the end scene of both Star Trek III and Star Trek IV is note perfect and uses subtlety, implication and music to create immense emotional impact. The letter ‘A’ has never, and will never have again the emotional impact it does when the crew, and you, see it on the new Enterprise‘s saucer section at the end of Star Trek IV. You’ll see thousands of tributes to him over the next week and each one is deserved. Most will, deservedly, be his work across Star Trek II, III and IV. This one isn’t.

Nimoy starred in an alternate video to Bruno Mars’ ‘The Lazy Song’ in 2011. It’s mischievous, impish stuff that sees him have huge fun playing with the idea of his disreputable old age. May we all be so politely, gleefully subversive. This is your Sunday Moment of Zen.



Preview: Marc Jackson’s Duckless coming soon to Aces Weekly

Marc Jackson‘s comics are joyous. His work is friendly, expansive, delightfully silly and often very funny. His new strip, a comic about a Duck that draws comics, is launching in the excellent Aces Weekly next month and it’s both an honor and a pleasure to host a preview here. So, let’s get Duckless.


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Al Dente: We Need To Talk About Cottage Cheese Pancakes

You’re allowed to have pancakes more than once a year. In fact, you should. They’re ace.

Right now the rest of the world is blinking, coffee halfway to its face while the UK is going ‘Yes, but-‘

No. No but. There is no but here. There is only delicious, easy breakfast food that will make you happy and you can do all kinds of stuff with. I know, I know, I can hear you being all ‘This is blasphemy! This is madness!’


Except I…make you pancakes instead of kick you into the special death pit Leonidas clearly had made to kick folks into. Wouldn’t that have been a nicer way to resolve things than all the stabbing? ‘Oh hi Xerxes, yeah yeah conquering, mangod all that. Want a pancake?’


World peace. CENTURIES EARLY. That’s the sort of power pancakes have.

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Sunday Moment of Zen: Kezia Tan’s video for The Love Club by Lorde

Music videos are, like movie trailers, a much maligned art form. Done wrong all they are is locking the camera off on the artist in the same warehouse a thousand others have been shot in. Done right they take the song and focus it, using a second medium to create something complex and interesting and different.

This is an exceptional music video for an exceptional song. Kezia Tan perfectly captures that not quite laugh, not quite scream that late adolescence embodies. The desperate need to do something at war with the desperate need for everything to stay exactly the same lies at the heart of both the song, by Lorde, and the video. It’s funny and frightened and defiant all at once. It’s a beautiful video for a beautiful song and it’s this week’s Sunday Moment of Zen.

Al Dente: Not Southern, Not Fried, Still Chicken

Chicken, my friends, is a pure and holy thing. Like I’ve said before it’s lego that you can eat.

Well, lego you can eat COMFORTABLY, anyway.

And it’s versatile as all hell. It’s also delicious fried and not delicious friend as I just typed.

‘I love you, delicious friend.’

Because that’s not creepy at all…

Anyway, it’s also delicious fried. Which is both a good thing and a very, very bad one. Here’s why:

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Sunday Moment of Zen: The Awful Truth About Batman’s Parents

The Nerdist. Members of Thrilling Adventure Hour. The social awkwardness of a billionaire in a suit of rubber armour punching bad people. The most magnificently deployed profanity I’ve seen so far this year. Sunday Moment of Zen.


Criminal Thoughts: Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 12-Anonymous

(Image is copyright of Entertainment Weekly.)

Welcome to Criminal Thoughts, where, every week, Vic Linde and I profile an episode of Criminal Minds. And by profile we mean talk about worked and what didn’t. As ever, Vic is in italics and I’m not. And we are ready to present the profile.

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Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 11-The Forever People

(Image is copyright of Entertainment Weekly.)

Welcome to Criminal Thoughts. Each week, Vic Linde and I run the evidence, dissect the case and talk this week’s Criminal Minds. Vic’s in italics, I’m not and this week is a big, big JJ week. Let’s get to work.

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Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 10-Amelia Porter

 (Image is copyright of Entertainment Weekly.)

Welcome to Criminal Thoughts! Where every week Vic Linde and I take a look at the latest episode of Criminal Minds, which features the most well adjusted (Well….) FBI Profilers in modern fiction. Vic’s in italics, I’m not and the boards are waiting. Let’s get to it.

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