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The word counts have been added up and checked. I wrote 135, 703 words in November.


Just a quick note before we dive into world of words; anything which has been published has a link. Anything which was rejected has unused next to it. Anything without a link or an unused has yet to be published.



Hub Editorials 1405

TOTAL 1405




If you’re interested, the freelance work was every Blogbusters, the Lifeforce piece, the Spaceships work and the Crickley Hall reviews, everything was a blog provided voluntarily.

Signal review 594

Blogbusters-Science 408

Blogbusters-Star Wars Episode 7 264

Blogbusters-Shocking Ending (Unused)  497

Blogbusters-The New TV  530

PS Piece (Doctor Who) 938

Thought Bubble 2012 Anthology review 1071

Airship review  520

Isn’t It About Time You Gave Lifeforce Another Chance? 1804

Spurious Awards-Star Wars Episode 7 Piece (Unused)  277

The Wolf Men/Fall of the Wolfmen review 475

Whatever Happened to the World’s Fastest Man review 558

Predators anthology review 817

Black Rose: Demon Seed review 719

Madame Samurai Review 552

Slumdroid Volume 1 revew  434

Telikos Protocol Issue 1 review 492

Man of Glass review 531

The Mice Volume 1 review  733

Judge Anderson Volume 1 review 772

Judge Anderson: Shamballa review 662

Pornokitsch Interview 930

Secret of Crickley Hall Episode 1 982

Secret of Crickley Hall Episode 2  1101

Secret of Crickley Hall Episode 3  1600

Weapons Grade Puntonium review 400

Best Spaceships Ever Contributions 1571

Judge Dredd Batman Collection review 874

Doctor Who: The Child of Time review  1141

Danie Ware Intervew  1625

TOTAL  23, 872




Last 2 endcaps of 2012 1810

E book of all 2012’s endcaps 40, 142

TOTAL 41,952



Bleeding Cool

Venezia Review 520

10 Things About The Now You See Me Trailer 923

Josh Finney Interview 4004

The Strain Volume 1 review 1302

10 Things about the Great and Poweful Oz Trailer 840

Bedlam Issue 1 review 743

TOTAL  8332




Hellblazer Piece  1019

Arc Squadron Piece  1256

Gamechurch Interview 1695

Retrovirus Piece 1223

UFC Women’s Division Piece 2246

Titanium Rain piece 1342

Honeybiscuits Piece 855

Last Resort Piece 1900

A Sincere Warning Piece 946

Honey Biscuits and Oatbread  916

NanoJourno Daily Updates 6,658

TOTA 20,056



Film Essays

These will start running in the New Year, according to the current plan. They’ll go up weekly and cover the film in question from a different angle. A couple are personal responses, a lot try and look at the film from inside its fictional universe. I’ll be interested to see what people think as these are some of the most challenging to write pieces Ive done.

Lunch with Frank-The Sweeney 2121

The Last Moments of Captain Karl Janek-Prometheus 1207

Dinner at the Club-Skyfall 1667

By the Sea-Love Bite 1056

Eagle Day-Dredd 1417

The Quaid Imprint-Total Recall 1472

Triggerman-Looper 1170

Caution and Violence-Taken 2 1180

Unmapping the Territory-Silent Hill:Revelation 1042

Simulation Five-Resident Evil:Retribution 808

Right Lies and White Rabbits-Argo 1226

Michelangelo’s Bar Tab-Lockout 1228

Behind the Scenes in the Museum-Abraham Lincon: Vampire Hunter   1443

Art Imitating Life-The Raven  1130

The Petroleum Gospel-Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengance 1093

Five Pictures– The Cabin in the Woods 1652

Next Year’s Model-The Bourne Legacy 1075

Restarting the Show-The Muppets 1325

Contents of a Box, Recovered by the Roadside-The Possession 1070

Short Cuts-Premium Rush 1131

They Came from Spindoctoros-Battleship 1933

Living Will– Safehouse 1026

Four Conversations with John Blake– The Dark Knight Rises 1501

Weaving the Threads-Brave 1281

The All-Seeing Eye-Sinister 1447

Phil-Avengers Assemble 1678

Out is Through-The Amazing Spider-Man 1267

Final Cut-End of Watch 1498

Spirit of Adventure-John Carter 1223

Goodbye To All That-The Hunger Games 1719

TOTAL                                                                                                                                   40,086


TOTAL                                                                                                                                   1405

TOTAL                                                                                                                                   23, 872

TOTAL                                                                                                                                   41,952

TOTAL                                                                                                                                   8332

TOTAL                                                                                                                                   20,056

TOTAL                                                                                                                                   40,086

TOTAL                                                                                                                                   135, 703 Words


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