19 Hours to Help Out Rosarium Publishing

This is a complex, difficult, brilliant time to be publishing. There’s incredible new voices out there, an endless parade of magazines and podcasts and publishers all trying to gain a foothold and use that to expand and make something new and different. Some of them haven’t made it but that doesn’t matter. What does is that when good material appears it deserves to be given a chance to shine.

Enter Rosarium Publishing, stage left, weighed down under a vast panoply of excellent books.

Rosarium have published some of my favorite authors and favorite books of the last couple of years. The SEA is Ours anthology and Mothership are both examples of just how vibrant, healthy and smart the anthology market is and their other books are just as great.

The only problem is, they’re successful. Which, when you’re funded off a dayjob as they currently are, costs money.

rosarium 2

So, Rosarium have an indiegogo to raise the $40,000 they need to move their big sellers from POD to offset printing and to expand their line. The full details are here and do go look. There’s some amazing books on the slate and a pledge of just $5 gets you two issues of their excellent Shattered Prism journal. More importantly, it gets them $5 closer to goal and gives one of the best publishers in genre a rock solid base to grow from.

The campaign is here and ends in 18 hours. Please go help out.

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