Rock lobster! Hold the lobster!

I rather like living in the future.  A few years ago, I remember watching Earth: Final Conflict and marveling at the fact that Boone and co carried around PDAs that could take pictures, instantly communicate with other people via video and audio and give them access to any public domain knowledge in the world.

Now, I have one myself.  It’s called Box, because I watched Star Cops at a formative age and it has a camera that I’m starting to get quite good with.  Here are some of the photos from our recent Whitby adventure:This is the gate that closes off the outer pier when the seas are especially rough.
This is the beautiful gate used to close off the outer section of the pier when the seas are very rough.

This terrifying ice cream monstrosity is, remarkably, even more frightening from the other side.
This ice cream cone monstrosity is, believe it or not, more frightening from the other side.
Rock formations on the Whitby Coast
The other type of rock Whitby is famous for. It doesn’t taste anywhere near as nice but it’s a lot prettier.

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