2016: Aims

On New Year’s Eve, Kameron Hurley put up Team Hurley’s goals for 2016. It’s a great idea, especially the hope that writing goals like this down somewhere means you’re far more likely to meet them. So, with that in mind, and grateful thanks to Kameron for the format I’m blatantly stealing, here are my goals for 2016.



  • Complete the next stage of construction on After The War, my first creator owned RPG coming this year from Genesis of Legend
  • Pitch Jason at Genesis the idea of a complimentary anthology or novel set in the game’s world.
  • Learn the FATE system with an eye to using it for my second creator owned RPG, due out (hopefully) this year.


  • Remain 4 weeks ahead of schedule on all my various podcasting responsibilities.
  • Spend an hour every week working on my mic technique to improve my breathing and pacing.
  • Take ownership of my ownership of Escape Artists and blog regularly about the company’s shows, magazine and progress.

Non Paying Work

  • Don’t take on anymore.


  • Find ways to vary my style.
  • Stop using ‘beautifully’, ‘precise’ and ‘genuinely’ in reviews.


  • Revise the worldbook and outline for the Project Indigo series of novellas
  • Outline the first season of Project Indigo.
  • Outline, write, edit and publish the first Project Indigo novella by June.
  • Complete four short stories, either for direct solicitation or for fun.
  • Pitch, crowdfund and publish one anthology.

Health & Fitness

  • Exercise daily. This can be 7 Minute Superhero, Yoga, Running or anything else I find that works.
  • Run once a week. At the end of March, look at whether I can get that up to twice a week.
  • Spend 20 minutes doing Yoga, every night, Monday to Friday.

Hobbies and Downtime

  • Watch 100 movies I’ve never seen before.
  • Make one dish a month I’ve never made before.
  • Read at least 12 nonfiction books
  • Take one, full, weekend off every quarter.

Being a Better Human

  • Have a gender balanced reading list.
  • Seek out authors whose work I’ve never read before.
  • Minimise physical purchases, especially books and put the money saved towards future fun things.
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