2018 Award Eligibility Post

Happy almost New Year everyone!

Awards season returns, like that panto veteran you’re sure died years ago and in fact, may have…  

Last year I had a really pleasant surprise when I placed on the long list for Best Fan Writer. I have to be completely honest, I would love to be a nominee this year and I put together a lot of work I’m very proud of. You can see full details of it below so, if you’re eligible to nominate for Dublin, please consider me for your Best Fan Writer ballot. Thank you and happy reading!

(Eligibility runs from 2017 Awards Eligibility Post to Not Bad, Just Different)

The big change to my publishing schedule in 2018 was more closely aligning my blog and newsletter. The Full Lid is my weekly dose of pop culture enthusiasm and I love doing it.  I’ve also started running pieces from there on the blog and using them as the foundation for community news announcements and original pieces. Here are some of the ones I’m happiest with.


(Eligibility begins with Everything You Need to Know about Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams and ends with Five B-List Movie Monsters Who Deserve a Bigger Following

I covered a lot of ground at Tor this year but these are the pieces I’m proudest of.

(Eligibility starts with Brooke Bolander on Radium Girls, Elephants, and Remembering the Worst of History in The Only Harmless Great Thing and finishes with Women Redefine the Space Race in Mary Robinette Kowal’s Lady Astronaut Novels)

I got to interview some incredible people at B&N this year as well as take a deep dive into some of my favorite pieces of modern SF. Here are the standouts for me:


(Eligibility starts with Brand New, Retro and finishes with The Doctor Is In)

I was especially pleased with a couple of this year’s which tapped a healthy deposit of my usual boundless enthusiasm and optimism and the pragmatic horror 2018 demanded.

While the podcast itself is eligible for Best Semiprozine, my outros in isolation are eligible for Best Fan Writer. That’s almost a year of outros, and of all of them, these are the ones I’m proudest of:

In addition, 2018 saw the start of Flashback Friday, a regular spot on Escape Pod where I take a look at a classic story from the show’s past with new eyes. This is GREAT fun and I was especially pleased to get a chance to talk about this extraordinary piece from Malon Edwards again.

Thanks for your consideration, folks. Happy nominating!


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