2019 Eligibility Post

It’s the most…necessary tiiiiime…of the yearrrrrr! Welcome to my eligibility post, folks.

Before we get started, a quick note as I’m trying something a bit different. Every year, there’s a conversation around whether ‘paid’ work (and I use the term very loosely) is eligible for consideration in ‘fan’ categories. (The related questions of how much is paid, and whether writing genre non-fiction is a viable career, are a whole other topic.)

So in the interest of full transparency, and in the joint hopes of not only pushing this conversation forward but also providing voters with information to make their decisions, this year I have listed my pay rates. This is, it should be noted, not an opportunity to tell me I’m being over- or under-paid. (See above, whoooole other conversation.)

I’ve highlighted particular podcast episodes I’m proudest of, if your listening time is limited. To be clear, I’m not asking your consideration for the episodes themselves (that’s where Best Semiprozine comes in, *welcoming smile, *delighted look*), but rather for my writing within them. 

Thanks for your consideration.

The Full Lid (Unpaid)

My free weekly pop culture newsletter. The archive is here, and here are some 2019 highlights:

Escape Pod – 2019 Flashback Fridays (I co-own EA, Escape Pod’s publisher)

PseudoPod – 2019 episodes (I co-own EA, PseudoPod’s publisher)

Starting with episode 630 on January 14th, and ending with episode 682 on December 27th. I’d like to highlight these two in particular:

Ditch Diggers ($40 per column)

Fox Spirit Books (£15 per column)

SciFibulletin.com (Unpaid)

TV And Audio Drama 
(For brevity, each show will click through to a search result for that particular season. I wrote every episode review and wanted to spare you a hundred or so individual links.)


Live Events


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