The Books What I Write: The Doctor Who RPG 6th Doctor Sourcebook

Eighteen months ago I wrote the 6th Doctor sourcebook for the official Doctor Who RPG. It was GREAT. I full-on Stockholm Syndrom’ed on 6th’s time in the TARDIS. So much so I now legitimately think he’s great and wrote a book to prove that. One I got paid for!

Plus, there’s an Appendix in there which was so much fun to write. It breaks down the 6th Doctor’s run as though the Time War were happening in the background, showing you how to use elements of each story to create a campaign based entirely in and around the Time War and it’s consequences whilst still featuring the 6th Doctor’s run in all it’s wonderful, ghastly ’80s splendour.

The page at Cubicle 7 is here and there’s a nice chunky preview at DriveThruRPG here.

Yes I am immensely excited.

The book retails for £23.99 in hardback or $19.99 in PDF and is out very soon.

Did I mention the excited?

If you’re an RPG podcast or a Who ‘cast and you’d like me on to chat about just how I stopped worrying and found a way to love TimeLash, ping me on twitter at @AlasdairStuart.

Also? Excited. See?


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