Comics Review Roundup: July 28th 2015

New Comics Day! The weekly injection of new pop cultural experimentation and fun into the zeitgeist’s bloodstream! Or something! Either way here are some of the comics I’ve read, reviewed and enjoyed in the last week over at Travelling Man’s blog.

A-Force and Secret Wars prove that this Summer’s big Marvel crossover is genuinely fun and different. We Are Robin is a brilliantly clever update to the idea of Batman’s sidekick that deserves Batgirl levels of success while Trees remains the quietest, angriest science fiction on the market right now. Finally, The Fiction and Onyx take entirely different ideas (Feral stories and a deployed apocalypse) and approach both of them with remarkable energy, wit and verve.

Comics, right now, are bloody great, basically.  And if something grabs your eye? Then here’s the UK List of Comic Stores and here’s Comixology. Enjoy.

Thanks as ever to Travelling Man for the review copies.

a-force issue 2 onyx issue 1 secret wars issue 34 the fiction issue 1 the robins issue 1 trees issue 10

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