Fitness Week 14: 10 Second Push and The Blerch







NOIR RUNFACE! This is me, sitting in the cinema waiting to watch Hardcore Henry after a run. The chap behind me, who knows? Maybe he ran there too.

Anyway! What have I been up to?

Superhero Workout -One! Back on the horse, or at least the power armour.

DDP Yoga-Another couple of Diamond Dozens and I’m starting to get the flexibility back. My plan is to step up to one full scale workout soon, with a couple of Dozens on either side of it.

Zombies Run Couch to 5k 4 80 seconds intervals and one 120 second one.

So that’s a 10 second increase and a 2 minute run at the end.

That hurt.

But it also helped answer a point. I talked a lot last week about wanting to change around my training a little bit. I got a huge amount of feedback too, especially from some school friends trying similar stuff. Thanks to everyone for the advice and encouragement, you’re all awesome:)

The 10 second increase helped because it showed I can push that hard if I want to. It also dropped my rest breaks down to 20 seconds and that’s again doable but just barely. So, the current plan is to maybe push another 10 seconds this week but hold the rest breaks at 30 seconds. That keeps me honest, keeps the run intervals up and gives me the cool down period I need. We’ll see how that gets on.

Oh and, news!


Marguerite very kindly got me an early birthday present, membership in this! Click on the Blerch to find out more but it’s a series of physical, and virtual races happening in October. I’m signed up to do a 5k , and I’m planning on doing it around my birthday. There will be running! There will be cake! But after the running! So much cake even the Body Image Goblin will get a slice.

More next week, see you then.


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