Review: Goons of the Galaxy Issue 2


Marc Jackson’s work is always welcome in these parts. He’s got an incredible loose, friendly style that completely disarms you. It’s crammed full of slapstick, puns and pratfalls but it’s all done in a manner that’s so straight eyed and enthusiastic that what could be cheesy is actually a breath of fresh air.

Goons of the Galaxy, his newest project, is flat out science fiction and a bit of a departure from his other work. Marc excels at combining the odd with the surprisingly perceptive and normal but, as this series shows, that’s not the only spacestring to his spacebow. Goons is huge scale, ship crashing, planet wrecking science fiction.

And it’s all about milk.

Blue milk specifically.

Jerry, as we saw last issue, was sent out for blue milk by his uncle. It all went a bit…crashy but with the help of alien Kliff Richard, everything improved pretty quickly.



How will Jerry survive the arrival of the galaxy’s all-hearing bad guy? Will Kliff eat someone? When the hell is Uncle Larp going to get his milk? All those questions WILL be answered in Goons of the Galaxy 2, currently appearing in the magnificent AcesWeekly Volume 25.

Marc’s over here. Go say hi, he’s great.

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