Hugo Awards Eligibility: Best Fan Writer

Earlier this month, nominations opened for this year’s Hugo Awards. Full details of who can nominate and how you can be one of them is at that link. If you can nominate, please do before the March 17 deadline. 2016 was a fantastic year for genre fiction and I personally had the exact sort of gloriously busy non-fiction year I crave. I’m really proud of the work I produced in 2016, and am eligible in the Best Fan Writer award.

Below you’ll find the logos of the three places I did genre non-fiction writing for in 2016. Click on the logos and you’ll go through to the complete listings of everything I’ve written there. I’ve included a couple of individual links below the logos as well as a note about where the 2016 eligible work begins. So, in my best Oscars voice, here is my 2016 Hugo-eligible work for your consideration.


tor(2016 eligibility starts with Everything from Authors, Texts and Shifts in Meaning: The Storytelling of Westworld.)

Wonder, Pragmatism, Politics and Big Ideas: Rewatching Contact

That Loud, Messy Sound Is The DC Cinematic Universe Finding Its Voice

On Michael Garibaldi, Babylon 5, Humor and Trauma





Closing the ‘Satan’s Pinterest’ Tab

Panel Beaten



(2016 eligibility starts with Why Sonequa Martin-Green Will be Great For Star Trek: Discovery.)


Why Sonequa Martin-Green Will be Great For Star Trek: Discovery

Donnie Darko 15th Anniversary 4K Restoration Review


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