KICKSTARTING NOW: Our Final Halloween

There are a few ways to instantly sell me on a story. This is one of them:

‘Our Final Halloween is about five kids who wake up in an abandoned house. They don’t know why they’re there, how they got there, or whose blood they’re covered in…’

Yep. Sold. I’m in.  Especially as the book is written and co-created by Mike Garley (Samurai Slasher, The Kill Screen, Adventure Time), and artist Michael Lee-Graham (Shortlist Magazine, Hero Complex Gallery, Dead Roots). Oh and the logos and lettering are by Mike Stock (Image Comics, Starburst Magazine, beActive media)

With additional art (which you can see above) by Kate Brown, Steve White, Meaghan Carter, Sam Beck and an explorative horror essay by Shaun Kimber. And the book looks like this.

And this.

SOLD! And it’s kickstarting now, the goals are super reasonable, it has three days to go and you can get THE SOUNDTRACK. How good is that?! Go pledge and help these folks get over the line.


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