Something Good: Bring the Ninja!

Marc Jackson is one of my favorite comic creators and I’ve reviewed a lot of his previous work. It’s a treat then to examine book 1 of Bring the Ninja! His new project.

Chuck Chang is a badass samurai who takes precisely no shit. Floyd Fighter is his best friend, a part time superhero, technical genius and perpetual worrier. John! Is their emergency robot. Always perky. Always yelling his name, basically indestructible.

This is new territory in a couple of different ways for Marc. First off it’s a serial, which he’s been experimenting with for a while but never to this length. Secondly, this is straight up old school action cinema. Chuck would get an approving nod from Shaft or early Luke Cage appearances. Floyd has a little of the Ted Kords to him and a lot of the sort of panicky, endearing sidekick Charlie Day often plays.

It looks good on Marc too. The extra blood (this is surprisingly violent. As in someone explodes) and the grindhouse stylings take a little adjustment but inside a page you and he are quite at home. And given home is chock full of giant robots, grumpy ninja and of course John! home is a pretty interesting place.

Bring the Ninja! updates weekly at Instagram, volume 1 is £5 and out now and you should out Marc’s work. It’s definitely something good.



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