New year, new boards

Every new year I play this game with myself where I try for a clean page. Finish every book, game, show, podcast, movie and audio drama and reset the clock. It’s a fun game, even if I haven’t won yet. I keep track of it all on Pinterest, which is like if the Borg did scrapbooking. Here are last year’s boards.

It’s always useful to see where my preferences lie, which isn’t me judging myself, because like my favourite mixologist, we’re respectful in this house. It is useful though, knowing what my comfort media was and how to build on that. Enter, as ever, Runalong, stage left, with the the solution. The Booktempter’s TBR Reduction Challenge is a great idea and you should read all of it. I’ll include January here:

January – End to end temptation

1 – I give you permission to read the most recent book you have got on top of your TBR. For many this is one we only get to read eventually but for now I want you to pick up the newest book in Mount TBR and read it. Can you remember the last time you did that? It’s a good habit to get into and January is all about starting good habits

Stretch Goal – Read the oldest book in Mount TBR it has waited long enough

I really like this, and I’ve never done a reading challenge before, so I’m giving it a shot. Especially as the most recent book I bought was this:

The omnibus edition of classic Marvel UK series The Knights of Pendragon

This book and I have some history and I’ll talk about it once I’ve finished the re-read. But in the meantime, Happy New Year! I’m going to go set up the 2023 boards…

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