Action Scientists, Assemble!

Atomic Robo is my favorite comic.


You can probably see why.

I may also have mentioned it once or twice before.

It’s the story of Robo, the atomic robotic child of Nikola Tesla. Robo being Robo, and the world being far odder than we’ve been led to believe, he spends the time between Tesla’s lifetime and now fighting Cthonic monsters, becoming a man of mystery, fighting in the aftermath of World War 2 with an all woman pilot squadron and establishing Tesladyne, the world’s most action packed scientific organization. Also there’s Carl Sagan. And the Wild West.

And Doctor Dinosaur. Click the link above, trust me it’s worth it.

Anyway, Brian and Scott, the creators of Atomic Robo have just done three extremely brave things. Firstly, they’ve let their print contract expire. Secondly, they’ve started giving away the entire thousand page and counting series so far for free at their site. Thirdly they’ve launched a Patreon campaign to produce new and fun side projects. In other words, they’ve taken a job they clearly love and worked out a way to not only do exciting new things with it but ensure that everything done to date is both honored and given a spit shine.

I can relate to that.


So, if you’ve never read Atomic Robo before, you’re in for a treat. Starting from the 21st, three issues a week are going to be put up. Go, read, discover why I love this book so much and kick the guys a donation if you can. How else are they going to be able to afford those mammal crystals?


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