A field of ruined spacecraft sit beneath a cloudy sky.

I’ve been having great fun with Facility23 as a daily writing challenge and as we start to head to the end of the first month, now’s a good time to give you an idea of the setting. I’m writing it for After the War, the game my buddy Jason Pitre and co-created because it’s a background I love but it’s also one not many folks know. So, have a primer! Below you’ll find the write-up for the book and a directory of all the blog posts I did to tie into the kickstarter. I love this world and next time I’ll talk about how Facility23 and the Temenos Ark fit into it.


It’s been ten years since the war. The Song was our enemy, a memetic virus which indoctrinated its victims into the Great Choir. The Song spread like a galactic cancer and overran the defences of our multi-species Galactic Union. The Earth was scorched, Martian domes cracked, and the Belt was broken.

Millions of survivors fled our ruined home worlds on the Exodus Fleet. We developed a terrible memetic weapon to strike back at the Great Choir. Now the song is dormant and we have a chance to rebuild on the frontier world of Polvo.

We’ll never be able to replace what we’ve lost, but at least the millions of survivors have a chance for a new beginning.

After the War is a science-fiction roleplaying game of memetic horror. Ten years after the galactic war, millions of survivors try to rebuild on the frontier world of Polvo. They seek to guard their new homes from internal strife and the psychic fallout from the war. In this game you are…

  • Survivors of the galactic war, who refused to surrender to the horror.  
  • Protectors who shelter their fragile new community from danger.    
  • Believers, whose passionate hearts and fervent convictions drive them.   
  • Dreamers, with a vision of a brighter future lighting their way.

After the War is a game of memetic horror, where even your own mind can betray you. It’s a tabletop roleplaying game of community, trauma, and healing, where players learn how to lead with compassion.

  • 2-5 Players
  • 1 Game Master
  • 2-4 Hours per Session
  • 1-12 Sessions per Campaign


These posts were written as Kickstarter content and function as good lead ins to the world.

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