Al Dente Field Trip: Matcha Latte About Something

I spend a lot of time at Milton Keynes station. Marguerite, being a trainee lawyer, always has more law to do so her days tend to be pretty long. We walk in together, chat and then pick up the conversation with added ‘So how was your day?’ stuff on the walk back. It’s nice. Even in the god awful weather we’re currently being subjected to.

It’s also time I use for a couple of other things. On the non-Marguerite sections of the journey I listen to podcasts and I’ll sometimes park somewhere at the station and read for a bit too. A lot of the time I’ll grab a coffee and walk back too. Its fun, it’s efficient, it gets me my step count for the day and coffee is never a bad thing.

Plus something new has just opened on the station. Peel is a juice bar and health nirvana that sits right next to the best Indian takeout in town. That means Friday nights are now Samosa’n’Smoothie nights. It also means I’m going to be experimenting with some of their wares. That’s right this…

Is the Al Dente field trip.


Starting with…

The Matcha Latte

Victor! The suspect!

Matcha Latte

No Latte on Earth has ever looked so…peaceful. Matcha is actually a kind of tea, which I didn’t know before buying it. In fairness I was also convinced for the longest time that green crisp packets were cheese and onion while blue were salt and vinegar so this isn’t my first time in the Food Ignorance Penalty Bin.

Besides it makes more sense. GREEN for onions and BLUE for…the sea…where salt comes…


Yeah I’m getting off the point.

So, Matcha Latte! Which is actually tea made with steamed latte style milk and, in this case, with a squidge of honey in the bottom.

It’s lovely. It’s a very light, gentle taste that feels complete in the same way milk does when you drink it from the jug. You know that sense you sometimes get? Of how what you’re drinking is filling your body with the vitamins it desperately needs? I got that from this latte. Frothy milk, gentle, satisfying taste and an awesome colour. What’s not to like?

Next up, bulletproof coffee. Or maybe porridge…

Peel are over here. Go see them if you can, they’re ace.

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