Am Guest, Will Travel


Hello everyone! I’m Alasdair. I’m a podcaster, voice actor, RPG designer, columnist, critic and fiction writer. My big job is as the owner of Escape Artists,.
What’s Escape Artists? I’m glad you asked!
We publish the longest running short genre fiction podcasts on the planet. Started over a decade ago, we produce weekly podcasts that showcase short fiction in the following genres:
Our back catalogue is 1500 episodes and growing, all free. I’m hugely proud of what we’ve achieved and I’d love to get a chance to talk about it.
If you’ve read the blog or my Twitter feed then you’ve seen that I’m enthusiastic, articulate and chatty. A friend of mine recently joked that my X-Men bio panel would read ‘Kind of perky’. He’s not wrong.
That’s where you come in.
Do you have a blog, a podcast or a magazine covering genre fiction? Are you looking for interview guests? If so, get in touch by email or @AlasdairStuart and let’s chat.
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