April TTRPG Challenge Day 12: How Do You Get Your Work Out There?

By not being British?
Brits, by definition, tend to be recalcitrant. Brit creatives, by definition, tend to focus that into doing their work and then feeling bad talking about their work. Witness the annual, completely meaningless, discussion about whether Eligibility Posts for awards season is a good thing or not.
The harsh truth is this: No one is going to discover you. No one is coming to save you. No one is going to find your towering work of heartbreaking genius. So speak up. And help others do the same.
That’s why I talk (although I suspect not enough) about my work online, and I do stuff like this and I signal boost other people every chance I get. My own version of being British is endlessly double checking that I’m not speaking too much, or too loud, or that I’m not listening to other people’s opinions. Because as long as I am and as long as I’m not standing on anyone to get further up? I’m doing okay.
Don’t be British. Don’t be recalcitrant. Don’t be embarassed of your work. Also, don’t talk about nothing but YOUR work, and never for a second, assume you’re the only person in the room.
Talk, listen, help, repeat. It’s not a perfect mantra but it’s definitely easy to remember.


Here’s my published work so far. If you want to talk to me about a project you’re hiring for, get in touch. Alternately, come say hi on Twitter and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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