April TTRPG Challenge Day 23: People Who’ve Helped You?

There’s a short answer to that which is also a very long one; everyone who’s ever played one of my games or been involved in a tabletop RPG module with me in any way. The list below is not complete but these are the people whose assistance I am most sincerely, endlessly grateful for over the years:

-My parents, who realized they had a slightly odd child at an early age and enabled the best elements of that.

-The members of the Isle of Man Roleplaying Association. In particular Kit Bathgate, Martin Franks, Morgan Guy, Stephen Phelan and Jonathan Cox. That club was what forged me into the designer I am today. As the man says, love all your faces.

-Stuart Dalgleish, Karen Watts, Rachel Yarcusko, Kathryn Jones, Izzy Doel and the much missed Helen Browne. Project Twilight, and University, were the other forges that made me able to do what I do today. You’re all amazing. Take bows and things.

-Dave Chapman and Angus Abranson who opened a massive door for me and let me run through and jump up and down on the bed screaming ‘OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING’ until I calmed down a bit and did some work.

-Russell Morrissey, who listened to a pitch that began ‘Like an icebreaker, BUT IT’S A SPACESHIP’ and let me do one of my favorite jobs to date.

-Dominic McDowall for sporadic, lengthy, endlessly enthusiastic conversations.

-Jon Hodgson, for being not just fiercely talented but the living endless reassurance of another Traveling Man alumni being in the business.

-David A. Hill Jr and Filamena Young, who showed me a game needs to be the size it wants to be, not the size you think it should be.

-Gareth Michael Skarka, whose games I sold during my store manager years and am now proud to call a friend and book buddy!

That isn’t close to a complete list. But in those names and the things they’ve done for me, and helped me to do over the years, there’s a map of my career as an RPG designer. X marks the me. Thanks, folks:)


Here’s my published work so far. If you want to talk to me about a project you’re hiring for, get in touch. Alternately, come say hi on Twitter and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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