April TTRPG Challenge Day 6: Favorite Game Mechanic

Oh this is an easy one. Actually, it’s a dead heat I have two!

Pendragon has a lovely mechanic concerning appearance. If your character has a low Appearance/Attractiveness they aren’t ugly they’re ‘darkly handsome’. That’s a fantastic way of maintaining the heroic romance feel, a great way to not render characters who have massive physical stats useless AND turned out to be pretty reassuring for a teenage roleplaying designer who had no body confidence. Thanks for that, Team Pendragon.

This bloody game. I have this game written across my soul. The mechanics are light on their feet, adaptable and perfectly in keeping with the movies. The background is fun, detailed and fast moving. And, in Cracken’s Rebel Field Guide, it has a D6 table that you rolled on when a piece of equipment got damaged. If you rolled a 1 or a 2? It would work again if you hit it.

Best rule ever.

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