Blog Science: Announcing Open Mic Mondays

I’ve, over the course of the last couple of weeks, sorted out a couple of guest posts; one from Lou Morgan on angels and angelic research and one from Joan De La Haye on why non-paying anthologies and ‘payment through exposure’ are a growing problem for authors. Both are excellent, both are completely different and both aren’t written by me.
So I’m going to try an experiment; Open Mike Mondays, a standing slot for guest posts. Here’s how it’ll work;

-If you have something you want to talk about that you think would be relevant to the people who read this blog, send me a query at Anything I like the look of I’ll write back and ask for a full piece. That way no one’s wasting their time.

– Subject matter no object, provided it’s not hateful bigot spew or trolling.

-Anything I don’t like, I reserve the right to not run.

-I am not your editor. Anything you send me will be put up as it was sent. If you’re the sort of writer who can knock out 1000 words of blog without breaking a sweat, then this is for you. If you’re the sort of writer that has articles trunked without a home, this is for you.

-Word count is entirely up to you. Seriously. If you have an 8000 word dissection of why Prometheus is brilliant, I’ll run it. Odds are it’ll be in two parts or more but it’ll run. Similarly, if you have a 500 word cookie recipe I’ll not only run it, odds are, I’ll make them myself.

-This will run for six weeks initially. If it’s fun I’ll keep doing it. If it isn’t fun, I’ll stop.

-No pressure on anyone. If no one sends me anything, then I’ll run the two pieces I have and the following Monday will be back to me.

That’s it. So if you want to send me something for Open Mike Mondays, the address is above. Regardless, check back here for Lou’s post tomorrow. It’s great.

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