Primer: BookTube

About a week ago, I asked a question on Twitter about BookTube. The YouTube community of book reviewers and fans, BookTube is on the cusp of the mainstream acceptance podcasting is currently enjoying. It’s an amazing community (Good primers here and here. The graphic is from the second link) and one I’ve been on the periphery of for a while. So I asked Twitter who their favorite BookTubers were and my feed stepped up. Big time.

Thanks to everyone who helped out and here is the curated list of BookTube channels and associated twitter accounts. This is a massive hub of creativity and positivity and we all need that right now, so go forth!

I want this to be a living document if possible so if you’ve got BookTubers whose work you love and you don’t see here? Let me know their Twitter handles and YouTube channels and I’ll add them. Thanks, and happy watching!



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