Break’s Over

The last week, professionally, has been one I’ve spent under the learning tree. Which, at times, has seemed like it’s on fire. I’m still digesting a lot of my responses to this latest setback, and I’m still trying to couch them in terms which will help me look at them in more positive terms. I’ll let you know how I get on.

One of the things where I have been able to both acc-cen-tuate the positive and kick Mr Inbetween square in the nuts is visibility. I’ve had two separate conversations with people who I thought knew about everything I do and they had no idea. So, every first week of the month, what you’ll see here is a post detailing where I can be found regularly, what I’m doing there and how to get in contact with me. These are also my professional contact details. So, if anyone wants to hire me, they know where to find me. That post will be above this one.

It’s not done yet. Of course it’s done yet the idea of closure is the great lie the societal meta-narrative tells us all. I could still scream and howl in frustration at the things going on in my career. Part of me figures I deserve to. The rest of me figures I have stuff to do. So, here’s the mission statement for this week, in 27 seconds:





You heard the President, back to work.

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