Career City Underground: Starting Tomorrow

My career is weird. I had a job interview recently and that really brought it home when the interviewer was impressed and mildly stunned by how many things I’ve done. Since leaving University I’ve worked retail, cleaned floors, been a PA, an editor, a slush reader, a podcaster, an RPG writer, a film critic and a business owner. Those last few all at once.

I’m really bad at talking about it too which is a shame as this stuff is HARD. We all graduate from Raised by Wolves University but very few of us think to throw some pointers at the next people through.

So that’s what I’m going to do. For the next few weeks I’ll be talking about what I do, and what I’ve learned doing it every day on the blog. There’ll be a ton of other content too but every day, a short, punchy thing about process will go up. Here’s the map for the journey.


career map






I had so much fun building that. So please join me tomorrow when we begin our journey towards Career City. There are plenty of seats, promise.

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