Something Good

Comics: Black Panther

Comixology appear to be acknowledging the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman by offering essentially every Black Panther series they have for free in individual issues. Trades you still pay for but Black Panther, Shuri, Killmonger, World of Wakanda,  and the rest are all free. To be clear, this absolutely will not last. To be clearer …

Comics: Black Panther

Something Good: David Lynch

It is overwhelmingly tempting to leave it there. But no! The director whose nightmarishly joyous Americana never fails to confound and entertain has a new music video out and it is definitely something good. [youtube]

Something Good: Geek Syndicate Zooms

Geek Syndicate are just flat out the best geek commentators in the country. These guys are amazing and I’m delighted to see them on YouTube. Something Good? Something GREAT, covering cancelled comic cons, Alex Rider, The Order and much more. [youtube]

Something Good: Bring the Ninja!

Marc Jackson is one of my favorite comic creators and I’ve reviewed a lot of his previous work. It’s a treat then to examine book 1 of Bring the Ninja! His new project. Chuck Chang is a badass samurai who takes precisely no shit. Floyd Fighter is his best friend, a part time superhero, technical …

Something Good: Bring the Ninja!

Something Good: Marble Racing

I was tipped off to this thanks to everyone’s (other) favorite over-articulate Brit. Marble Racing! Puns! Definitely Something Good.    [youtube]

Something Good: Longboard Dancing

This compilation of longboard dancers looks so easy you know it’s all but impossible. It’s also Something Good.   [youtube]

Something Good: VioDance Boldly Goes

This medley of Star Trek TV by VioDance (Patreon at link) theme covers is a great way of showing how the music has evolved and built on itself over the years AND seeing how many it takes you to ugly cry! Oh and it’s definitely Something Good.    [youtube]

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