Something Good

Something Good: The Vast of Night

…I didn’t know they made movies based on my inner wish list?! Secret things! UFOs! ONLY THE SMALL STAFF OF A LOCAL RADIO STATION CAN SAVE US! This is definitely Something Good, and it’s on Amazon Prime now.  [youtube]

Something Good: Animal Crossing DOOM New ETERNAL Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons is the balm 2020 needed, made entirely of wholesome and perhaps too many wasps. Doom Eternal is a fantastic stomp-on-your-throat-and-CUT-YOUR-DEMON-HEART-FROM-YOUR-STILL-SCREAMING-FLESH…’em up. Against all odds the two games fandoms get on INCREDIBLY well. Like THIS well. The song below captures their friendship in all it’s perky, viscera-cloaked glory and is most definitely …

Something Good: Animal Crossing DOOM New ETERNAL Horizons

Something Good: Gelsey Laurie and her Dad Sing The Hits

So you know how sometimes weird situations bring the best out in people? Yeah, turns out when Gelsey Laurie and her dad get bored, they make stuff and this is definitely Something Good. Thanks to the fine folks at Bloody Disgusting for the tip. [youtube]

Something Good: #Goosecam

I never normally cross-pollinate content from The Full Lid to here but this is just too good. A goose has decided that the reception hall at York train station is the perfect place to make a nest and LNER, bless them, have absolutely leaned into it with #goosecam. Cute? Certainly. Something Good? Absolutely. Thanks to …

Something Good: #Goosecam

Something Good: Animal Crossing New Horizons Has Fun With Perspective

While I’m patiently waiting for my Nintendo Switch to arrive (SOOOOON!), I’ve been massively enjoying the creative ways players have been decorating their islands. This Kotaku article has some absolute stunners in it, but this use of forced perspective and a lighthouse to make the island seem even bigger, is definitely Something Good.

Something Good: Nerdy Lofi Beats

We’ve been bouncing around inside the hour plus mixes of synthwave and lofi on YouTube for a while now. However, as io9 pointed out there’s a bunch of geek-centric ones too, which is definitely Something Good. [youtube]

Something Good: Saib and Bebop

Saib is one of my favorite artists right now, their lo-fi, gentle beats are the perfect combination of funky and low impact for me. You can find their Bandcamp here, their Cowboy Bebop tribute album streaming below and trust me, all of it is Something Good. [youtube]    

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