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Welcome to the first CCU! We’re starting at the top of the map with Podcasting. Here’s where we’re going, with an indication of the routes on either side:

Podcasting gaming and critic






I’m a podcaster. I own Escape Artists Incorporated, which produces Escape Pod, Pseudopod and Podcastle. Every week they put out a short story that’s either science fiction, fantasy or horror and is read by a different person. Each show has editors, each show has staff and each show has a host.

I’m the host of Pseudopod. Hi! You may literally have heard of me!

We’re also launching Mothership Zeta this year, a digital magazine that’s a combined showcase of the best from the podcasts and new stuff. That’s being run by Mur Lafferty who I sone of my oldest friends and one of the people who invented podcasting.


No, SERIOUSLY, Mur. I know you’re reading this.

Anyway, I don’t just work for them. Me! Work for one person! Pish! Tush! Other 17th century terms of disdain! I also work with Dave Robison on Writers Roundtable from time to time, have appeared with the lovely Titanium Physicists twice, do an Assassins Creed column for Geek Planet Online’s Patreon show and spent a happy couple of years being the explain the plot guy for Darker Projects’ Tales from the Museum.

So on this track, I’m going to talk about what I’ve learned doing that, and what you can learn from me. Lots of stories. And, like the show, these really are true.

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