Podcasting gaming and criticSo what happens if no one wants to employ you yet?

Easy. You do it yourself.

Right now Fate Core is a massively successful rules set that’s set up to be licensed in a pair of really interesting, open source like ways. Here are the details:

Fate Core regularly has third party games over fund through KickStarter and it’s got a deserved reputation as a brilliantly, adaptable fun rule set. So, go take a look, see if it works and work out what you want to do about licensing. Alternately, dig into the indie scene and take a look at the incredible diversity of projects there. I can particularly recommend anything by Jason Pitre, David A Hill Jr, Nate Paoletta and Quinn Murphy.

So, you’ve got a system you can legally use or you’ve built a new one. Now what?

Crowdfund it. Kickstarter or Indie GoGo are the logical choices and there’s plenty of good material out there about them and how they work. But before you get there, you need to answer these questions:

-Make sure you’re allowed to use the system you’re using.

-Work out who you want to work with.

-If you’re paying staff up front, work out how much you can afford.

-Set realistic deadlines for prose, playtesting, art and layout.

-Make sure you’re allowed to use the system you’re using.

-If you’re crowdfunding, then write the project and prepare for a fairly sleepless month.

-If you’re digitally publishing, collate your text, playtest results, art and layout.

-Publish the book.

-Talk about the book.

There are more steps but that’s the spine of it. And make no mistake it’s never been easier than it is right now. It’s also still really bloody difficult but you can do it. And when you need help, ask. It’ll be there.

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