Podcasting gaming and critic





I once edited a recording for Pseudopod that had 52 errors in it. Each error was marked by the narrator pausing, clapping and then continuing.

The story was 40 minutes long. Editing it took 4 hours.

I once recorded an endcap standing in a bathub in a friend’s house because the other recording had been corrupted, I’d gone on holiday and the acoustics in there were the only decent ones in the house.

I’ve recorded with a headset mic so rickety that I had to hold it one particular position so a bad wire didn’t click against the casing.

Podcasting is guerrilla media. It can go anywhere and be anything and a lot of the time it’s ‘Panicked, hurried and crammed into what spare time you have’. Like your style, don’t worry about that. It will get better. And , like your style, you’ll improve by keeping showing up.

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