CCU:RPG Writer:Enthusiastic,Honest,Nice,Relentless

Podcasting gaming and criticPlay everything you can. Read everything you can. Go sit on if you like message boards. Go noodle about on Google Plus if you prefer.

But however you do it, talk to people. I know, sometimes that’s difficult and weird. Ask me how long it took me to stop ending every sentence in emails with smiley faces 🙂


But be honest and polite and say less than you think you should. Try and understand other people’s intentions and be prepared for yours to be misjudged. I was once kicked off a Star Wars D6 RPG fan list for statting up the Centauri Blockade Mines from Babylon 5 so, trust me, I know a little about bending the rules.

*adjusts collar, starts motorbike*

Do not ever stop learning and do not ever stop talking to people, especially people you haven’t talked to before. This entire industry is built around social interaction. Don’t schmooze, because it’s awful and I’m awful at it, but talk to other people like normal humans. Most of them will do the same with you. And they’ll all remember your work ethic, your ability and the fact that you didn’t tread on anyone to get where you are.

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