Comics: Switch Issue 1 Preview

I’ve always been very fond of Top Cow’s work. The late, great Michael Turner was one of the artists whose work was peaking just as I was getting involved in comics and that, combined with the company’s exuberant approach to the supernatural hit me right between the lobes of my Millennium Fever soaked brain.

At their worst, Top Cow have embodied the most cheesecake-y and tired elements of modern comics. At their best, which they’ve been for years now, they’re one of the most eccentric, intelligent fiction houses in modern comics.

Which brings us to the Witchblade and Switch. The Witchblade is an immensely powerful, intelligent supernatural weapon that’s been drawn to great women warriors throughout human history. The modern host, and one of Top Cow’s leading characters, was Detective Sara Pezzini. Now, though, it’s time for the Witchblade to choose a new host and…well…this one’s a little different. In fact, this, the cover for issue 3 (Click to embiggen), is a lovely summation of the new approach:

switch 2

I’m really excited for this title for all sorts of reasons. It looks huge fun, and fun is maybe the one ingredient that’s been missing from Top Cow books for a while. It’s also clearly ploughing a similar furrow to the amazing Ms Marvel, cheerfully ignoring the bits of prior continuity that don’t work for it and it’s by Stjepan Sejic who’s talent is matched only by his relentlessly cheery demeanor.

So, here’s a 22 page preview of it

And here are are the details including the order cut off and what you need to give your retailer:

Bestselling cartoonist Stjepan Sejic (SUNSTONE, DEATH VIGIL) brings to print his popular web-comic SWITCH. The new Top Cow series gives nod to the classic Witchblade Universe, but welcomes surprise crossover characters and—at its heart—explores the story of a teen girl trying to understand her mysterious new powers. Top Cow’s Witchblade meets New 52’s Batgirl in this fresh series told in delectable Sejic fashion and hitting stores on October 14th. In SWITCH, a teenage girl must bear a mighty artifact that grants her immense powers… the catch? It’s a bit haunted! SWITCH #1 (Diamond Code: AUG150506) will be available on Wednesday, October 14th. Final Order Cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, September 21st. 

Go, read, enjoy and order. I will be.

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