DOCTOR WHO: Black Archive and The Day of the Doctor

Black Archive do in-depth critical analyses of specific Doctor Who stories. They’re really cool and the exact sort of thing I love and love to do and…well…here’s their release schedule through 2020.

  • January 2019 – The Black Archive #27: The Face of Evil by Thomas Rodebaugh
  • February 2019 – The Black Archive #28: Love & Monsters by Niki Haringsma
  • March 2019 – The Black Archive #29: The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon by John Toon
  • April 2019 – The Black Archive #30: Survival by Craig Jones
  • May 2019 – The Black Archive #31: Warriors’ Gate by Frank Collins
  • June 2019 – The Black Archive #32: The Romans by Jacob Edwards
  • July 2019 – The Black Archive #33: Horror of Fang Rock by Matthew Guerreri
  • August 2019 – The Black Archive #34: The Dalek Invasion of Earth by Jonathan Morris
  • September 2019 – The Black Archive #35: Timelash by Phil Pascoe
  • October 2019 – The Black Archive #36: Listen by Dewi Small
  • November 2019 – The Black Archive #37: Kerblam! by Naomi Jacobs and Thomas Rodebaugh
  • December 2019 – The Black Archive #38: The Underwater Menace by James Cooray Smith
  • January 2020 – The Black Archive #39: The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords by James Mortimer
  • February 2020 – The Black Archive #40: The Silurians by Robert Smith?
  • March 2020 – The Black Archive #41: Vengeance on Varos by Jonathan Dennis
  • April 2020 – The Black Archive #42: The Rings of Akhaten by William Shaw
  • May 2020 – The Black Archive #43: The Robots of Death by Fiona Moore
  • June 2020 – The Black Archive #44: The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang by Philip Bates
  • July 2020 – The Black Archive #45: The Unquiet Dead by Erin Horáková
  • August 2020 – The Black Archive #46: The Awakening by David Powell
  • September 2020 – The Black Archive #47: The Stones of Blood by Katrin Thier
  • October 2020 – The Black Archive #48: The Tenth Planet by Michael Seely
  • November 2020 – The Black Archive #49: Arachnids in the UK by Samuel Maleski
  • December 2020 – The Black Archive #50: The Day of the Doctor by Alasdair Stuart
  • December 2020 – The Black Archive #50A: The Night of the Doctor by James Cooray Smith

Yep, that’s me! I get to write the breakdown of Day of The Doctor. Which means I’m going t be up to my elbows in a story that brings every era and model of the show together and that exists in a liminal space where fan expectation and character can actively collide and engage in dialogue. It’s arguably the best individual story the series has ever done. It’s also arguably a jagged collection of post-modern lumps that somehow smooths out into something just a little bit extraordinary. It’s also the story that gives us  Gallifrey Falls No More and the true meaning of the noise the TARDIS makes. All of it taking place when three Doctors, three different groups of fans, fiction and expectation all meet in the most important barn in the universe.

It’s going to take a lot of work and it’s going to be even more fun. Because time is on my side.

Find the Black Archive here and do dive into their work, it’s brilliant.

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