Duckless: Attack of the Bazooka Mutants

Marc Jackson’s work is always a favorite around these parts and the new issue of Duckless is no exception.



If exuberance was a colour, it would be this. Seriously, there’s so much joy in each line of Marc’s work that you get swept up in it. What’s even better is just how funny his stuff is. Duckless is the story of a comic artist with…unusual powers. Who is also a duck. The daily challenges he and his family face are unique, weird and oddly realistic for a series with a premise like that. That straight faced approach makes the comedy hit even harder and this issue brings it by the ton. Duckless struggles to adapt to a new roommate, his dad tries to fit in better to his son’s life and the bazooka mutants? Well they mostly just want to blow stuff up and stop people having coffee.


duckless 2

Sweet, weird, funny and very clever, Bazooka Mutants is in Aces Weekly right now and totally worth your time. No one will bazooka your coffee if you get a copy, promise.

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