Escape Artists Announce Artemis Rising

Bust of Artemis after Kephisodotos (Musei Capitolini), Rome. Image from Wikipedia


This month at Escape Artists, we’re doing things a little differently. ‘Artemis Rising’ is a month long event that will take place on all three shows. Throughout it, the stories presented will be written by, read by and hosted by women. Aside from a couple which were written by a woman but have a male protagonist so we decided to get a male reader for it.

This is a huge deal for us and we’ve all worked really hard on the event. Editorial dealt with very specific submissions in a compressed time frame, our guest hosts are an excellent mix of new faces and some surprisingly familiar ones and the stories are brilliant. We’re really proud of the results and I hope you will be too. I’ll be putting links to each story up here too as they go live so if you’re not a podcatcher, itunes or ‘go to the website and download it from there’ user, then you’ll find the stories here too.  Check back over the course of the month and you’ll see them all added.

12 (or so, February’s weird) stories.

3 shows.

1 event.

Artemis Rising.


(And yes I’ll be back on Pseudopod in March, don’t worry)


This Sullied Earth, Our Home

Written by Monidipa Mondal (Who I met at WorldCon and is BRLLIANT. We’re delighted that she’s landed a story with us.)

Read by Elizabeth Green Musselman

Hosted by LaShawn M. Wanak



The Godsmaid Clara And Her Many Smiles

Written by Sharon Dodge

Read by Kim Lakin-Smith

Hosted by Marguerite Kenner (Fearless, brilliant and the love of my life)


Escape Pod

To The Knife-Cold Stars

Written by A.Merc Rustad

Read by Mat Weller (Mat, our EP audio producer, knocked it out of the park on this one)

Hosted by Rachael K. Jones (The tireless, relentless Rachael is an inspiration. It’s great to hear her in front of a mic for this:))





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