Escape Artists Make The List At The BFS Awards


Here’s the full list.

Here’s the official press release:


Escape Artists Make The British Fantasy Award Finals

Award-winning genre fiction podcasts PseudoPod and PodCastle have made the shortlist for the British Fantasy Society Best Audio award. The award, debuting last year, went to the audio adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys. PseudoPod was also a finalist that year.

Company co-owner and PseudoPod  host Alasdair Stuart said: ‘We’re incredibly happy to see the hard work of our editorial teams recognized, especially by an award such as this. It speaks very highly of the BFS’ willingness to engage with the future of the industry that the Best Audio award exists and we’re honored to be on the shortlist. As am I for my placement on the Best Non Fiction shortlist for my weekly pop culture newsletter, The Full Lid.’

PodCastle and PseudoPod are one half of the Escape Artists PodCast Network. Along with Escape Pod and Cast Of Wonders, each show produces weekly episodes. Each one is either an instalment or a complete story from a specific genre. Cast of Wonders covers YA, Escape Pod features science fiction, PodCastle explores fantasy and PseudoPod spotlights horror. The company has been in existence for almost 15 years and over two thousand episodes are available for free in their back catalog, containing some of the greatest talents in modern fictional history.

More details about all four shows can be found here. Any press inquiries should be directed to


And here’s my other official reaction:


I am incredibly happy that both PseudoPod and PodCastle made the list, not just because they do great work (They do) and I co own the company (I co-do) but because of what that says about fiction podcasting and it’s growing prominence. I love data points and seeing one show make the cut last year and two make it this year? I’m really excited to see how this develops.

And The Full Lid! My brain in your inbox! I’m so happy that it’s found an audience. I love doing it and the fact it’s being recognized is legit, no fooling cake for the brain. Which reminds me I really should get back to this week’s episode so why not take a look at the lovely new landing page featuring artwork by the amazing Natalie Metzger!




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