Escape Artists: Mothership Zeta Prepares To Launch

cropped-Mothership-Black-12x300dpiMothership Zeta is officially go! MZ is the new digital magazine from Escape Artists and will be running some reprints from the three podcasts as well as new material. Material which, right now, you’re asking for more details of, right?

Go here.

Led by Mur Lafferty with a crew of Sunil Patel, Karen Bovenmyer and, just announced, Cecilia Dockins this is an exciting new mission for Escape Artists. Submissions for the zero issue close on the 25th so go to the site, read the subs, send stuff in and join the crew. It’ll be GREAT. Oh and we’re still working on the awesome badge communicators but we SWEAR, no Starfleet onesies.


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