Escape Artists: Mothership Zeta Subscriptions Now Available!

mothership-zeta-magazine-issue-1-cover-200x309A little while back we launched issue 1 of Mothership Zeta, our new quarterly digital magazine. Mur, Karen, Sunil and co have done an amazing job on the first issue which is available here for a ludicrously low price.

And now, you can subscribe here for a price that’s just as ludicrous!

The MZ team have this amazing problem that editorial teams dream of; they’ve got so many astonishingly good submissions the issue is not how to fill the issue but how to find the very best of the best. They excel at that and MZ has a tremendous sense of enthusiasm, intelligence and fun to it. And yes I’m aware that I own the company but even if I didn’t I’d be recommending MZ to you because it’s a great magazine.

Plus 10 bucks for a year’s subscription is a great deal.

If you’re still not convinced, pop along to their website. A selection of the content is going to be made free there so pop along and find out just how good it is.


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