Facility 23-April Megathread

After three years we both finally got Covid and it wiped out half the month and slowed down the other. We’re both mostly back now and I made the best of it for the #facility23 challenge. There’s no major arc plot this month, because I was ill, but there’s some fun stuff and it helped to write it.

Same deal as usual. What’s here is system agnostic and pretty easy to plug and play but based in the universe of After the War, the SF RPG I co-created with Jason Pitre and other amazing friends. We’re on the Temenos Ark, a vast, cobbled together spaceship fleeing the invasion of a sentient piece of alien music that wants everyone to sing it forever. But this month we jump around a little bit more than usual. (NOTE: I got sick on March 30th and the first thing I did when I was feeling better was the entry for that day, hence the reference in the tweet.)

And here’s the accidental splinter thread.

Enjoy and I’ll see you on the next rock.
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