Facility 23-January Megathread

It’s the quarter mark of the year so now is a great time to do a little housekeeping. When I started doing the #facility23 challenge in January, I didn’t thread the entries so this isn’t as tidy as the other posts but there’s some good stuff here and it’s really cool going back four months and seeing how some things are really taking root (Literally in some cases…).

As ever, the work is all set aboard the Temenos Ark, a vast, cobbled together spaceship that fled the solar system when an alien piece of music swept through intent on taking over every sentient being. What happened next is the core of After the War, the SF RPG I co-created with Jason Pitre and friends over at Genesis of Legend. The Ark can absolutely be used there, but it’s also system agnostic so it’s useful for any SF RPG.

Welcome to the start and do explore the other threads. It’s a big Ark:)

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