Fitness Check In: Weeks 19 and 20 Double Feature!

Fitness Week 19

RUNFACE. So this was me a week ago. Short sleeved shirt like it ain’t no thing, big smile suggesting I’d actually done better and you know what? I had!

DDP Yoga-Three! All of which really helped with flexibility.

Zombies Run Couch to 5k 4 105, 1 120 and 1 125 second interval! Booyah! How you like me now?!

Then I got food poisoning.

Which, if you follow the blog regularly, wasn’t anything either of us had cooked which was a HUGE relief. Nonetheless, three straight days of no appetite, not keeping anything down, pounding headaches and exhaustion meant I wasn’t really up for anything. It got bad. How bad?


Yes I AM under three blankets, no none of them helped and yes the phrase ‘Young JEDI’ had I think just been uttered. SICKFACE.

Anyway, after that particular season of rubbish I wasn’t sure I wanted to go for a run this week. Nonetheless, a little later than advertised I not only dragged myself out but also took a brave step.

Week 3.

It turns out that the 5 minute barrier I’d been so damn terrified of? Free run, which means I don’t have to run all of it. So I didn’t, taking it as a full 10 minute warm up and the jumping into the rest of the workout. Which, this time is:

-1 minute running

-1 minute walking

-10 knee lifts

Five times followed by:

-8 minute free run

-2 minutes stretching

-8 minute free run


So a pretty big change in every way, but, interestingly, massively shorter intervals than I’ve been running.

So how’d it go?

Fitness Week 20

-Every 1 minute run interval

-90 seconds twice

-240 seconds once

The change has been BRILLIANT. That 240 second run was nearly longer but an app glitch threw me off. I had absolutely no problem hitting any of the 60 seconds or either of the 90 and I had noticeably more gas in the tank by the time I was done. And even better I got to hear some Zombies, Run! plot development!

This was better than I’d dared hope for, especially after an ill week so I’m delighted. I’m also going to stick with week 3 and shift up to two runs a week, if not this week then next. The B.I.G. won’t know what him.

See you next time

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