Fitness Check In: Weeks 21 and 22 Double Feature

Hi! How’ve you been? The last couple of weeks have gone pretty damn well. How well?

weeek 211 minute 5 times

2 minutes twice

6 MINUTES once


I am so bloody happy with this. 20 weeks ago running for 5 minutes felt like running to the moon. I blew past it this week. I won’t say I didn’t notice because believe me I DID but this is a massive confidence boost.

And what about last week?

Week 22

2 minutes twice.

1 minute 5 times.



Yep. THAT happened. I basically lied to myself this time. I promised myself that if I ran for the whole 8 minutes of the second free run I wouldn’t have to run at all for the last 10 minutes.

I ran for the final 2 minutes anyway.

So I’m now at 17 minutes total and I’m delighted with that. The one thing I’m not delighted with is my legs turning into large angry rocks once I’m done. My pre run stretch routine is good. My post run stretch routine would be great but it sat down and CAN’T MOVE.

So, objectives for this week! More pre run stretching. SOME post-run stretching of any form. And I’m going to try and add an extra couple of minutes in that second free run. Keep the B.I.G. guessing.

See you next time.



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