Fitness Check In: Weeks 23 and 24 Double Feature!

Hey everyone, welcome back. Over the last fortnight I’ve started folding yoga back in and 7 Minute Superhero should be making a return shortly. I’ve been focusing on the run because it’s continuing to go really well. How well?

week 23

Week 23

90 seconds twice.

30 seconds 5 times.

10 minutes once


…I’m in double figures. I’m slightly in shock over that. It’s a weird thing with exercise that you never actually feel like ‘YES! MY TRAINING MONTAGE IS AT AN END! BRING FORTH THE KUMITE!’ because it doesn’t work that way. You feel like hammered crap. You keep going. You stop. Next time, it takes a little longer to feel like hammered crap. Lather, rinse, repeat.

But 10 minutes is no bullshit, undeniable, honest to God progress so definite that even I can see it. I’m getting better at this. I’m not fast, by any means, AT ALL. But I’m also getting better.

week 24

30 seconds 5 times.

90 seconds once.

12 minutes once.


I’m starting to see the evil genius of Zombies, Run! now too. When you run, the app runs whatever playlist you’ve designated and the characters pop in at intervals to remind you how long you’ve got left and give you the next exercise.

These intervals CHANGE.

So this week, because sometimes self confidence stops by, drinks some coffee and then buggers off for a week, I was only going to push for another minute. 11 minutes is great. 11 minutes is progress.

11 minutes passes unobserved on this particular week of the app.

So that look you’re seeing up there is equal parts ‘WOOHAH!’, ‘OH THANK GOD THAT’S OVER’ and ‘…well played, Mr Yao. Almost…suspiciously well played…’

Two weeks. Four minutes of improvement. Also next time we’re going to talk about stretching and why you need to do it. Because I stretched before and after the run and was able to walk normally THAT day! The Body Image Goblin didn’t know what had hit him and this is just the start. See you next week.

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