Fitness Check In: Weeks 25 and 26 Triple Feature!

So here are the two things I’ve learned in the last fortnight:

-Stretching really, seriously, is your friend. Seriously.

-I’ve found the edge of the envelope and it’s further away than I thought.

But first, this.

Week 25

30 Seconds 5 times.

15 minutes once.

This is the first time I’ve ever topped out which was GREAT. Week 4 sees you given a 15 minute free run, where you can walk or run however you want. I went with running. And, as you can see, the Big Top! The Circus was in town at my usual spot and I moved one part of the park down and ran on grass, backwards and forwards, at the top of that hill for 15 minutes.

The difference grass makes is amazing. Almost no soreness after the run as opposed to the usual level. The repetition actually helped too. Because I was hitting the same ground over and over I was able to zone out and also get a decent idea of when I was about to be done.

But the big thing really was hitting the run target. That felt great (Well, at the time it felt awful but then it felt great). At the top of the year I was pushing to hit 15 seconds 5 times. Now, 15 minutes.

So, the week after that, I went twice. Week 5 of the program! Plot development! Excitement! Entirely new running routine! Week 26 Double Feature Activate!

Week 26 1

1 minute 8 times.

10 minutes once.

8 minutes once.

This is a fun week, and one that ramps you up through 8 minute long intervals to a 10 minute free run, 5 minutes stretching, the another 10 minute free run.

Let’s talk about stretching for a sec. Do it. Seriously, both before and after a run. I use this program for pre-run and this for post-run and that five minute break in the middle:

After Run StretchesThis HURTS. Do it anyway. Think of it as paying the pain bill early so you can move around like a person who hasn’t just run once you’re done.

So that first run was fun and, Friday, I did it again.

Week 26 2

8 minutes once.

10 minutes twice.

I topped out again which was great. What was fractionally less great was how much it hurt getting there. This one was rough, but it was always going to be. I’m doubling the amount I’m doing in a week and that means I’m pushing more than I have in the past. So while it was rough getting there, knowing I can get there at all is amazing. Seriously, the Body Image Goblin was just speechless.

Next week, more of the same. See you then.

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