Fitness Week 11: Carmen Miranda Realness


(Big thanks to the magnificent VonSpacebee for this week’s title)

RUNFACE! And adorable green bunchies! This was a good week, and the accidental placement on this photo (As well as the magnificent parade of shit I got for it:)) was the icing on the cake. Or perhaps the fruit on my green, vegetable bunchies.

Anyway! What did I get up to this week?

Superhero Workout One go round for this which went well. I’m starting to transition onto actually doing the exercises I’m supposed to instead of pushups for the ones I can’t do yet and it’s going well. Plus the part of the plot I’m currently on had me crashlanding in a Mars colony’s urine recycling tank so there’s that.

DDP Yoga Three times this week and it’s really working. I want to transition to the other workours soon but that’s going to require better time management. Or actually making half an hour of every day free for something other than work. Which is absolutely do able, I just need a bit of a run up.

Zombies Run Couch to 5k 5 intervals of 60 seconds. 1 extra interval of 70 seconds.

That just happened.


Yes I did this.

11 weeks ago running for a minute was like running to London. FROM SCOTLAND. Technically possible but I needed at least one motivational montage to do it. It’s still not easy by any means but I cranked out an extra minute and that, more than anything else, shows improvement. Know what else does?

The week of Couch to 5k I’ve been parked on for the last six weeks recommends you run for 30 seconds and walk for 60.

I’ve now completely reversed that.

So next week is 65 seconds running, 25 seconds walking. Which means I’m starting to get to the point where these intervals are going to string together. Progress. Actual honest to God progress. Even the Body Image Goblin nodded approvingly at me. Next week, he’ll do that as I run past. See you then.



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