Fitness Week 13: Triple Digits

Fitness Week 13And lo there was RUNFACE. But what else?

Superhero Workout Still none, partially due to the short Easter week and partially due to only doing a couple of…

DDP Yoga-Two Diamond Dozens to be precise. The interesting thing about yoga is how quickly it makes a difference. The mild bummer is that if you leave it for a week that progress backslides. Definitely getting better though.

Zombies Run Couch to 5k 4 70 seconds intervals, one 90 second interval and one 100 second interval.

And yes I am a little amazed at that.

I’m rapidly approaching the point where I need to juggle the intervals around. Right now I have a 20 second rest period between runs and that’s working for me, just. But I can see it being a problem when I drop to 10 seconds, so I’ve got two ideas:

-Switch to ‘run for a song, walk for a song’

-Switch to running for a 1 minute run and 30 second rest interval and then walking for the same.

The temptation to switch to the one song on/one song off approach is immensely tempting but I don’t think I’m quite there yet. Like my friend Darren Turpin, who’s fiercely knowledgeable on study and training habits, pointed out that widens the chance of failure. I’ve succeeded every week since I started, pushed every boundary and done so gradually. As long as that continues, I should be fine.

Or to put it another way, we’re not at home to Mr Cockup.

Or the Body Image Goblin of course.

So! Join me next week for my next check in and for news of a Thing that is happening in October…

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