Fitness Week 16: Carmen Miranda Realness II: Carmen Mirandier


RUNFACE! With added vegpunk pseudo do!

Okay, so what did I get up to this week?


Superhero Workout -None! The horse awaits me patiently!

DDP Yoga-3 again. I’m also, after a 20,000 step day on Friday, going to start dropping this onto the front of run day as a warm up. Because if not my right knee is going to start writing strongly worded letters. And throwing them through my windows.

Zombies Run Couch to 5k 90 seconds five times. 120 seconds once. 60 seconds once.  I focused a lot on the back 10 minutes where you can either walk or run. My recovery time has been getting quicker there and I wanted to push it. It worked. Hurray!

What didn’t was the interval timer. Lesson: If you’re playing with a new app maybe learn how to use it at a time earlier than 150m into your run. Next week, for sure. Because let’s face it I can’t exactly ask the Body Image Goblin for tech support.

So, SCIENCE! next week. See you then.


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