Fitness Week 5: Malltage

Runface week 5Runface! This is me at the mall, just after finishing my run for the week and just before buying both coffee and chocolate. Epic win.

But prior to that, what was I up to? This!

Superhero Workout four times this week. This, two weeks ago, would have been stupid because I wouldn’t have been able to move. This week it was fine. I was still sore of course but I’m getting better at the pacing on this.

I have one rule with Superhero Workout; don’t stop moving. There are some exercises on there that I just straight up cannot do right now or at the very least do quickly and well. So for those I do pushups. It’s still exercise and I’m still moving. Although I did just find a really interesting new kind of burpee that looks both easier to do and just as hard work. I’ll report back on that…

DDP Yoga Nothing aside from the usual 5-10 minutes minimal workout every night. I’ve not felt bad as a result but I want to get some solid work under my feet with this again this week. Which means a third attempt at getting the app to recognize my established account.

Zombies Run Couch to 5k went really, really well this week. I’ve been adding 5 seconds onto my running intervals recently and this week I hit 30 seconds.


On a new route. Filled with narrow pavements and the imaginary sound of commuters laughing at the big guy in the IMF hoodie alternately walking and running.

I did it. Not just that but I did 6 intervals instead of 5 and while I was quite ready to be done thank you NOW PLEASE by the end, I still did it and for the first time in a couple of weeks felt like I’d really made progress. I’m desperate to be able to break that 5 minute barrier and getting to the 30 second one was a huge confidence boost. I’ll be here a while but that doesn’t matter.

Know what else doesn’t matter? The Body Image Goblin. Tell it it looks fabulous today and I’ll see you next week,

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