Fitness Week 8: Fibonacci’s Personal Best

045Runface! And yes, the same part of this town that has a scale model of Stonehenge and a scale(ish) model of the Pyramids has a scale model of the Golden Spiral. With golf balls on the top. And a few missing.

Anyway! What was I up to this week? Aside from a pretty kick ass People’s Eyebrow there?

Superhero Workout once this week. I managed to do something painful and weird to the outside edge of my right foot last week which meant I’ve been limping to varying degrees for a week. I suspect I’ve killed a pair of shoes. Marguerite and I do at least 5 miles a day on foot Monday to Friday and that means shoes have about a six month window. I bought these about six months ago so…yeah. May be time to upgrade.

DDP Yoga Three times this week, all Diamond Dozens but I feel like I’m connecting with it a lot more. This is a set of a dozen exercises, which involve no more dynamic motion than you changing from standing to crouching and back again. I was knackered by the back quarter all three times so I’m definitely doing something right. Plus more flexibility means I feel better, sit better and do better the next time I do yoga. Virtuous circle achieved.

Zombies Run Couch to 5k was what I was worried about this week. This injury, which has largely cleared up by the way, meant my gait was off. I didn’t want to miss a run because I’ve been making good progress but I didn’t want to hurt myself further. That double edged fear; going and getting hurt or staying home and risking never going again, is something I know very well.

So I changed my victory conditions. Going was winning. Finishing? Epic winning. Minimal push, just 5 intervals and 10 minutes cool down walk afterwards. I took it carefully, I took it slowly and I made it. 4 intervals of 45 seconds and 1 of 50. I’m really happy with that and next week, I’ll run for 55 seconds every time and leave the Body Image Goblin in the dust as I go. See you then.


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